Floorguard is a novel, one-of-its-kind solution provider for all the flooring and construction related troubles. The solution is a protection sheet, which consists of multi layers, that imparts more strength and makes the surface tear and abrasion resistant. Its features completely shield the area from surface intervention. Its superior yet cost effective floor coverings guard the expensive flooring. This sheet can be applied on any type of flooring, ceiling, walls and even over carpets.

FLOORGUARD® Certificate

Being an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, Floorguard assures to maintain the quality system. We are focused on meeting our customer's expectations and in delivering customer satisfaction.

Product Features


The durability of Floorguard is very high due to its multiple layering. It is resistant to wear-tear and breakage

High Resistance

Floorguard does not suffer abrasions due to its Multilayer Compostion. It also resists water, attrition and UV rays


Floorguard is lighter on the pocket, reusable, easy to install with less joints

Dust Protection

Softer base sustains the impact of inner dust particles and not damage the flooring


Floorguard offers an anti-slippery floor with no marks left after usage

High Elasticity

Made from filled polymer, comes back to original shape, if compressed

High-Tech Design

Cannot be torn as it has criss-cross designs; easily sealable in case of scratches

Easy Form

Comes in a roll form, is light weight, easy to carry and easier to reuse in Skycrapers

Easy Installation

Floorguard can be laid down very easily and the installation process is uncomplicated, which can be completed in few steps. Since it is lightweight, transportation is also easy.

Environment Friendly

Floorguard has a high salvage value, making it reusable, thus cutting costs. Also, it is made up of eco friendly, recyclable product.

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