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About Company

Floor Guard An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company is an initiative to produce cost effective, durable sheets to protect tiles. Motivation behind the development of Floor Guard sheets was the dearth of good and efficient flooring protection in the market. Floor Guard takes a step forward in providing complete professional guarding for your precious tiles which is a totally new and innovative concept. Floor Guard is also launching resilient sheets for packaging which could revolutionize the packaging industry.

The inspiration behind this project goes to the creative genius of Mrs. Ami Shah. Her farsightedness and visionary instincts have made this project a pioneering and a successful reality.

An ideal home is not only defined by just four walls but also the floor on which those walls stand. Floors reflect your creative instincts and desire for elegance. They impart a tinge of perfection to your interiors. No structure is completed without well planned flooring. It forms an essential part of interior designing. Elegant floorings add grandeur to your dream architecture. Now a day you are flooded with plethora of choices which could make your dream flooring a possibility. Among them are ceramic tiles which are available in unimaginable colors and designs, and give a playful look to your interiors. Marble tiles are mostly formal and depict a serene look. Laminate floorings give a glossy sheen whereas wooden floorings are for those who prefer class and style over mere looks. Then there are vinyl floorings, rubber floorings, bamboo floorings etc. presenting a catalogue of variety. Italian floorings though expensive are exquisite in their appearance and give a feeling of royalty to the onlooker. Statistics reveal that a major chunk of your interior design budget is consumed by the flooring part. Initially it was 2-5% of the total investment but as people became aware of the flooring choices and started developing a taste for style, the flooring budget has risen up to 15-25% of the total investment. Due to such high expenses and to preserve the beauty of the floorings, it comes naturally to you that your floor should remain protected against any outer intervention.

During the construction of a building, flooring is done prior to electrification, plumbing or cabelling. Thus, during the post fitting processes a lot of dragging of equipments, small scaffolds and paraphernalia occur on the tiles. This causes obvious damage to the tiles, leading to their attrition and even breakage. Since the tiles have a little salvage value, a decent amount of expenditure is commanded by relaying or restoring of the floor. Generally to counter such hitches, Plaster Of Paris (POP) is temporarily laid on the tiles for their protection. It is removed when the task is completed. Although preferred, POP has several disadvantages. It does not protect the tiles efficiently and is also quite tiresome to apply and remove. Along with that, during removal POP may cause damage to the tiles. It has one time application value; also it generates a lot of debris on the construction site, giving a filthy look to the area. An important side effect of POP is that its dust is very harmful for human beings and affects the lungs after inhalation. Thus it directly affects the workers, engineers or the architects stationed on the construction site.


Company Managment

Mr. Bhavin Shah

CEO, Cheif Executive Officer

CEO of the company Mr. Bhavin Shah has a strong background of 20 years in the furniture industry. He has undertaken several big projects in close co-ordination with renowned architects.

Mr. Niraj Shah

COO,Chief Operation Officer

COO of the company Mr. Niraj Shah has 15 long years of experience in plastic industry. He has the credit of establishing two large projects based on multilayered blow molding barrel plant.

Mr. Nilay Shah

CMO, Chief Marketing Officer

Chief Marketing Officer [CMO], Mr. Nilay Shah understands the nuances of the market very well. He has visited several countries across the globe and realizes the requirements of the current market trend. He also has a commendable authority over export-import business.