Product Advantage

Advantages of Floorguard

  • Floor guard is cost effective:

    The total cost of laying Floor guard is much less when it comes to protect your expensive flooring. It is one step professional solution to guard your tiles.

  • Floor guard is durable:

    Durability of the Floor guard is much higher due to its multiple layering. It is resistant to wear-tear and breakage.

  • Floor guard is abrasion resistant:

    Floor guard does not suffer abrasions due to its high density polymer sack material and is more resistant to it. It also remains protected by U.V. rays.

  • Floor guard is Notch Impact resistant:

    Floor guard is made highly notch impact resistant.

  • Floor guard is water and attrition resistant:

    High resistivity of Floor guard from water and attrition increases it durability.

  • Floor guard installation is very easy:

    Floor guard can be laid down very easily and the installation process is uncomplicated, which can be completed in few steps. It has a simple ‘Self lay down’ technique.

  • Floor guard is reusable:

    Floor guard has a high salvage value, making it reusable, thus cutting costs and charges on new installations.

  • Floor guard is recyclable:

    Floor guard is made up of eco friendly, recyclable product, which prevents it from becoming an environmental hazard.

Along with the above mentioned advantages they are long lasting, easily transportable,light weight and environment friendly. It is available in moonlight silver color.