Floor Guard

Floorguard Sheet

Floor Guard Tile protection sheets consists of five layers bounded together making it durable, water proof, abrasion resistant and skid free. Following is a brief outline of the layers:

  • Surface Coat

    First layer is the surface coat which has a rough texture to impart anti skidding property to it. The Surface coat has the tendency to reflect ultraviolet light.

  • High Density Polymer Sack material

    Second layer is compact polymer sack material. Sack like texture makes it anti-slippery, so that walking on it is easy. It is highly notch impact resistant. This property makes it high abrasion resistant. This layer has high tensile strength, resisting wear and tear.

  • Bonding Base Coat

    An extra bonding base coat layer ensures extra strength, extra rigidity and extra shore hardness. These properties make it durable, attrition resistant.

  • Stretched polymer Coat

    This layer is an Stretched polymer based sheet. It has great elasticity i.e. it has a higher recovering capacity after compression as compared to bubble sheets. Foam coat can sustain very high impacts due its elastic nature.

  • Base Coat

    Base coat is again a high strength, protective material with a rough finish.

All these five layers are bonded together by a chemically prepared binding agent through heat process.

Parameters :
GRAMS / Square Meter MIN. 200, MAX. 300
THICKNESS (mm) 5 (tolerance + 5% )
WIDTH (meter) 1.5 ( tolerance + 5% )
LENGTH (meter) 10 ( tolerance + 2% ) Also available as per customer’s requirements
FIELD OF APPLICATIONS To protect any type of flooring. [ e.g. vitrified, Marble, Granite, Wooden, Ceramic etc. ]
It can be used as upholstery parts in auto mobile industry.

* Specifications are at the time of manufacturing as per standard condition and subject to change without notice.


Floor guard can be installed in few easy steps.

  • The size of the Floor guard sheet should be ordered according to the carpet area.

  • Tiles along the carpet area should be cleared of any dust, grease or moisture.

  • Dual sided adhesive tapes are then attached at regular spacing along the sheet.

  • Sheets are then spread over the carpet area and are sealed over the tiles with the tapes.


FDuel side adhesive tape with high quality gumming for easy apply and removal.