What is Floor Guard Tile Protection sheet?

Floor Guard protection sheet is a tile cover to protect your precious tiles from scratches and abrasion during building construction and interior designing work.

What is the installation technique of Floor Guard?

Floor Guard has a very hassle free installation technique. Sheets should be ordered according to the carpet area of the floor. The sheet has two surfaces, the upper rough matt surface and the lower smooth surface. Rough matt surface should be on the upper side during installation. Sheets are provided with dual sided adhesive tape which can be attached along the tiles at regular intervals. Tiles of the carpet area should be clean, without dirt, moisture or grease. Floor Guard sheet roll is then spread on the carpet area and sealed with the adhesive tapes on the tiles.

How is Floor Guard better than Bubble guard?

Floor Guard is impact resistance and has a high elasticity co-efficient. The foam coat provides it great firmness against compression, which lacks in the case of bubble guard. Bubble guard has small air filled bubbles which on compression loose air, and are unable to recover their shape afterwards.

How is Floor Guard cost effective?

Floor Guard has the greatest benefit in having a high salvage value, means, it is reusable. Its tear proof feature makes it much robust and resilient. Even if a small slit appears at the corners, it will not proceed forward, barring any further damage. Also the slit can be easily resealed with the adhesive tape.

In what colors is Floor Guard available?

It is available in moonlight silver color.

For what type of establishments can Floor Guard be suitable?

Floor Guard is ideal to protect tiles during interior work of large establishments like school, colleges, malls, offices, high rise buildingsetc.

Is Floor Guard environment friendly?

Yes, Floor Guard is made up of 100% recyclable, environmental friendly material.

What are Floor Guard advantages over the traditional POP?

Floor Guard is much stronger, durable, abrasion proof, water proof, scratch proof, notch impact proof and above all recyclable. It is easy to install and remove. Moreover it has no health hazards when compared to POP.