Wooden Floor Underlayment

Wooden Floor Underlayment

It can be hard to imagine that a layer of paper or plastic may be the difference between a successful wood flooring installation and a complete failure.

Floor guard sheets a complete solution for underlayment of your Hardwood, Laminate, Bamboo, Vinyl flooring. Its main focus is anti fungus, vapor retarder, sound reduction and increasing self life of wooden flooring.

They are easy to install & can be used with floating glue down, or nail-down installations.

Floor guard sheets are used under wooden floors as a cushion allowing for a bit of a softer feel when walked upon.

For staple down or nail down installation like hard wood flooring floor guard is rolled out over the sub floor prior to installing the new floor.

It helps to even out flooring which may have minor imperfection.

Its sound absorption properties can be used as a sort of sound insulator.

As being a multi layer closed cell & water resistance material it offers more support & insulation to the flooring.

Floor guard increases self life of your expensive wooden flooring by many ways